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Twice Baconed Potatoes.



Today I cooked the modern classic known as "Twice Baconed Potatoes" aka Twice baked potatoes wrapped in bacon. I used one piece of bacon per potato and wrapped them carefully in a straight line. If you feel like an extra punch of flavor: Sneak blue cheese chunks under the bacon rolls. Our secret. Xp.IMG_2712[1].JPG

Of course when you make the twice baked potatoes is when you can customize things the most. I used green onions and cheese. You can put in any kind of meat {double bacon xp} or any chopped vegetable {chives are common}. Anything you normally like on potatoes. BBq sauce! Anything that you can eat that fits into the potato.

Baked bacon?? Does it taste good? It tastes EXCELLENT.

Think about it. Bacon is cured meat. There's other great dishes with baked cured meat {like pizza}. I'd highly recommend Twice Baconed Potatoes.


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